We help you attract, source, and manage your apprenticeship candidates all in one place.

This allows you to shape your learning offerings, find the right people and let them flourish in a vocation. 


The battleground is now about people performance and companies who can find, train and nurture the right talent are companies that will be ahead of the game.

Yet the levy can also create a huge amount of problems with administration, budget and actual financial risk.

There are three potential risks: 

  • loss of time
  • loss of budget
  • loss of talent  

Everything begins with time

By loss of time we mean two things:

  1. the time it takes to simply process all the potential apprentices you will have been given you are taxed and therefore obliged to spend a significant amount of money
  2. the additional pressure of effectively losing your training budget or your training budget becoming the apprenticeship levy adds to this pressure. 


You have to get it right

You need to ensure that you train people who are actually eligible. This adds to the burden of your selection, screening and recruitment processes, and to the risk of getting it right. 

If your team is really good, and everyone on the other end of the phone answers first time, you could maybe process 6-8 applicants per hour. 

If you don’t do a thorough check then some applicants may slip through the net and you will end up with apprentices who are not eligible for funding, not eligible for employment but have nevertheless gone through the expense of having been trained. Imagine the consequences for your talent pipeline, and ultimately your business performance.


Intelligent automation

enrola allows you to screen up to 40 candidates per minute through its automatic connection to the Learning Records Service (LRS) so that will in turn allow you more time to select the quality candidates from the applicants, train them and nurture them. 

enrola lets you find the ideal people by posting adverts to many job sites with a single click.

It allows you to quickly certify that they're the right candidates for apprenticeship training.

 and this creates a huge amount of time where you can do what you are supposed to do, that is screen out unpromising candidates, focus on talented candidates and build your business performance. 

This happens with a system that operates quietly and efficiently in the background. A team that works for you so you can maximise the benefits.

The consequences will be more time, more income and a reputation as a quality employer externally and provider of talent.