Post to the best job boards (including your own)

Speed up your search for Apprentices by managing all your accounts in one place.

Boost your Apprenticeship’s visibility and target the right candidates by promoting your job across the web. Our team can set up contracts with job boards, or connect existing accounts to use adverts you’ve already purchased.

Posting on multiple job boards makes it easier to attract more candidates than ever before. enrola’s one-click approach enables you to post to sites like like Indeed and Find an Apprenticeship.

enrola’s intuitive interface guides you through the job posting process. This helps to ensure that all the job board’s own requirements are met, meaning that your job is posted faster.

We've also created a job board so you can post wherever you want to, and it's REALLY simple to set up - just add one line of code to your website, and you'll instantly be able to advertise your roles and accept online applications.


Let us tell you what qualifications your applicants have.

Yes, you read that correctly.

We know that grades aren't the only way (and often best way) to measure the value of an apprentice, but they are an important factor. 

Getting verified certificates is a huge admin job, so the whole process of checking candidates becomes an extremely time-consuming process. 

Unless you have enrola.

We check your applicants' qualifications as they apply to you - no need for them to spend time writing them, and no need for you to go checking them. Best of all, it's all 100% Government approved data.


Recruit the way you want to

If your recruits across a range of roles (Apprenticeship, Traineeship, full-time course etc), you can keep a structured hiring process in place with multiple Opportunity Types.

Each Opportunity Type comes with it's own application form and Recruitment Workflow. This means that you get the data you need from each applicant, and then processing their recruitment in the way that suits the Opportunity Type.


Fully customisable

Process applications the way you need to.

Create your own Custom fields, sections, Application Forms and Recruitment Workflows (no tech support required).

Use your own logo and corporate colours to keep your corporate branding. 

User Permissions means you can create the roles your team need. You can choose what they see, and whether they can interact with sensitive data.


Total Support

We know how painful it can be changing systems, which is why we make it as easy as possible for you. We will migrate your data, set up your team, train you (remotely or onsite), and guide you through the onboarding process.

You can contact us by live chat, email or phone, and we'll do our best to resolve your query as quickly as possible (during standard business hours). Special requirements? Give us some notice and we'll be happy to set something bespoke up.

We pride ourselves on the quality of support that we offer; support that we believe is unsurpassed in the sector. Don't believe us? Then please ask us for references from our clients - we'd be delighted to supply them.